Security Solutions

Security SolutionsCompass delivers a broad range of antivirus, firewall, VPN, and server / workstation security solutions that protect business communications and resources for corporate networks, applications, remote employees, branch offices and partner extranets.

A lot of money is spent each year recovering systems from security related failures. Direct loss due to downtime is only one effect; a damaged reputation that can affect your future business prospects being another. Yet despite this, many companies are still failing to address many of the issues surrounding the security and integrity of their IT assets and data.

IT security is not only about systems, such as firewall and anti-virus software, it is also about people; user awareness, adequate policies and procedures, and regular software patch updates, audits and reviews. Compass can help you develop the procedures to secure your network and limit security related downtime.

IT security need not be overly expensive. There are many things companies can do that can provide adequate and cost effective defenses against malicious attacks, both externally and internally.

Compass’ Security Solution service offers an extensive portfolio of IT security solutions and services to help you ensure your key systems and infrastructure are as secure as they possibly can be.


A firewall can offer excellent defense against a wide range of malicious attacks and is now considered an essential part of any company’s software / hardware portfolio. Compass Security Solution service can assist with your firewall requirements, including: which firewall system is right for you; firewall system design; firewall implementation; firewall rule sets and firewall management. IDS (Intrusion Detection) systems offer a level of defense inside your firewall, often enabling you to identify and terminate malicious attacks before they can penetrate and damage your network. We offer firewall products from Cyberoam, WatchGuard, and Fortinet to name a few. CyberoamWatch GuardFortinet Compass Security Solution service will assist you with your Intrusion Detection System, including: which systems to implement; IDS system design; IDS implementation and on-going tasks to monitor the IDS system and logs. Request a quote today!


The vast majority of all external malicious attacks occur through viruses entering you organizations network as attachments within emails. Good quality, regularly updated anti-virus software can guard against these attacks and save your company time and money in the event of a virus attack. We offer a variety of Anti-Virus solutions from trusted companies such as Trend, Symantec, McAfee, Vipre, and Sunbelt. Each can be tailored to your needs so that you can feel secure against infection. McAfee AntivirusVipre Networking SecuritySymantec Antivirus Compass Security Solution service can help you implement enterprise wide anti-virus software and assist with policies and procedures to ensure the virus definitions are updated regularly. If you require a solution use this Contact Form.


A virtual private network allows an organization to take full advantage of the Internet by granting users secure and cost-effective remote access to their office network from anywhere in the world. Compass Security Solution service can offer valuable, impartial advice regarding the design, implementation and management of secure VPN’s, enabling you to leverage the significant cost savings of this technology whilst retaining the security and integrity of your data. Request a quote for a VPN solution