Hardware & Software Procurement

Compass offers a full range of hardware and software including desktop computers, notebooks, servers, printers, network equipments, firewall products, Windows Server, Microsoft Office, and antivirus applications. We represent many of the biggest names in the business. Hardware Procurement Compass supplies desktop computers, notebooks, servers, printers, network equipment, and firewall products from a large array of brands such as; Dell, HP, Apple, Toshiba, Cisco, Linksys, Acer, Netgear, Asus, Zyxel, IBM, Samsung, LG, Epson, Canon or any other manufacturer available.

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>Desktops & Workstation

>Notebooks & Tablet PC’s

>Handheld Devices

>Monitors & Projectors

>Printing & Multifunction

>Fax, Copiers & Scanners

Digital Photography

>Supplies & Accessories

Software Procurement Compass supplies software from multiple vendors such as Microsoft, Symantec, Computer Associates, Adobe, Macromedia, Network Associates, Trendmicro, Veritas, etc… Microsoft Office GFI Gold Reseller Windows Server Software licensing can be sometimes complicated. Based on an assessment of your business needs our software procurement specialists will recommend the most cost effective and legal way to meet your requirements enabling you to maximize the return on your software investment.

What software assets does your enterprise currently have in place? Where are they? How much are they costing you? Who is using them? Are they compliant with vendor licensing policies? How can you most effectively monitor and manage them?

Making the most of your software investments can be a monumental task, but Compass License Management Service offers cost-saving solutions. Compass Service professionals complement their proven expertise with state-of-the-art tools to monitor and control your desktop and server software assets, cut software-related expenses, and help you remain compliant. Compass License Management Service collects, analyzes, and delivers vital IT asset data. It provides the knowledge you need to cut licensing costs by eliminating over-licensing, exposing under-licensing, identifying contract deficiencies, and terminating inappropriate software usage.