IP PBXMax Cole offers a revolutionary way to look at your telephone system. Today, Voice over IP (VoIP) is doing to phone calls what email did to the postal service: better, faster and cheaper. And with the Internet becoming the foundation for modern communication systems, businesses everywhere are investing in the equipment necessary to implement VoIP for business advantage. Max Cole’s IP PBX solutions offer seamless integration with all of today’s communication technologies, and will enable your business to immediately benefit from: Increased Productivity And Profitability

  • Important calls will always find you
  • Leverage data in existing applications to reduce time
  • Manage your communications easier
  • Free your staff to do more
  • Make it easy for people to reach you and maintain your privacy

Reduced Operational Costs

  • Make free phone calls between all of your company’s locations
  • Effectively eliminate global roaming charges
  • Substantially reduce your IDD phone bill
  • Eliminate the cost of 3rd party conference call providers
  • Add additional capacity without additional cost
  • Eliminate the need for expensive on-site support calls by technicians

Enhanced Customer Support

  • Speak your customer’s language
  • Speed up response time to customers
  • Reduce lost calls due to excessive hold times

Closer Monitoring Of Business Operations

  • Quickly identify cost centers
  • Analyze employee interactions
  • Restrict access to expensive services
  • Reduce cost of maintenance

Exploring New Markets

  • Setup shop in a foreign market in an afternoon
  • Increase the conversion rate of your web site
  • Integrate Skype with your business phone system

Staying Ahead of the Competition

  • Quickly adapt to market changes
  • Migrate to a mobile workforce
  • Expand your business without expanding your budget