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Never before in the history of advertising has it been possible to spend only 5 dollars, write a couple of online ads, and get instant access to over 100 million people in less than 10 minutes….. In 2000, Google introduced “Google Adwords”; a PPC (pay per click) product specifically tailored for new websites, as new websites generally take 12 months of longer to rank well in the search engines and generate new traffic, leads and sales.

Adwords was aimed at getting these new websites traffic and sales within a few days after starting a campaign. But the learning curve for adwords is over 1 year; meaning many companies have to use licensed Adwords agencies to get the job done.

Currently Adwords generates well over 90% of Google’s revenue over 2 billion USD per month, with hundreds of thousand of advertisers generating billions of USD in business revenue online, worldwide, in over 50 languages in over 200 countries to a 2 billion+ online audience; a true marketing revolution. Three ways to get traffic to a website

  • Via PPC Google, Yahoo and Bing all offer PPC (Pay Per Click); Google covering over 60% of the market. The strengths of PPC are its range (thousands of keywords can be used), speed (campaigns can be setup in less than 2 weeks), cost (any daily budget is possible), targeting (in any country, city and in any language), timing (at chosen days or time-windows/day), ad-format (text ads, banner ads, video), and finally, and possibly most important: ad position (top 5 ad positions can be guaranteed in less than 2 weeks). There are three PPC plans (see below), each one tailored to match specific client needs best. Note that PPC daily click costs are not included in the fees; they are paid by the client directly to google, at the end of each month.
    • PPC Starter Plan
    • no startup fee
    • monthly fee is 6900 baht
    • free $100 usd google adwords voucher
    • minimum signup period is 3 months
    • maximum 1000 keywords (per language)
    • campaign languages: english and thai
    • maximum 20 ads for A/B split test (meaining a 10 level deep ad split test)
    • campaign focus: market gain (= getting the maximum number of ad impressions and clicks)
    • SEO tag work on the website homepage is included
    • monthly reporting
    • weekly helpdesk support (via email/phone)
    • PPC Advanced Plan
    • startup fee 13,000 baht (for the market/competitor/keyword analysis)
    • monthly fee is 24,000 baht
    • free $100 usd google adwords voucher
    • minimum signup period is 3 months
    • maximum 10000 keywords (per language)
    • campaign languages: any (maximum of 2 languages)
    • maximum 40 ads for A/B split test (meaning a 20 level deep ad split test)
    • campaign focus: conversion gain (= getting the maximum number of leads and sales via PPC)
    • SEO tag and content work on the main product/service pages is included
    • weekly and monthly reporting
    • daily helpdesk support (via email/phone)
    • +PPC Superior Plan
    • startup fee 17,000 baht (for a complete market/competitor/keyword/SWOT/social/mobile analysis)
    • monthly fee is 32,000 baht
    • free $100 usd google adwords voucher
    • minimum signup period is 3 months
    • maximum 50000 keywords (per language)
    • campaign languages: any (maximum of 4 languages)
    • no limit on number of ads for the A/B split test
    • campaign focus: integral sales gain (via organic, social media, press releases, blogs, mobile)
    • SEO work for all product/service pages is included; plus backlink and google pagerank buildup
    • weekly and monthly reporting
    • 24/7 helpdesk support (via email/phone)
    • Via SEO SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as old as the search engines. Using the latest SEO techniques (white hat only, obeying Google’s Webmaster Guidelines) we can get your website in the top10 in Google in about 3-4 months, for a dozen of keywords. The SEO work includes competitor, SWOT and keyword research, and requires several page content (and metatag coding) changes, as well as backlink requesting and anchor text optimization. Total effort involved for a small business website is about 1 month work, with 3-4 months re-ranking time by the search engines. ROI of a correctly set up SEO campaign is about 1 year. Benefits of SEO are longterm, but scaling is small, as it only can involve a few dozen keyphrases. If you require top ranking for hundreds (or thousands) of keywords you need PPC.
    • Via SMO SMO (Social Media Optimization is all about Online Reputation Management, Branding and customer feedback management. is a good example; they use “crowd sourcing” to get customer feedback for potential new product releases. Social “group buying” has also become very popular. For 2011/2012, we recommend using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+. Benefits of SMO are not so much lead and sales related, but more customer service and company perception related, showing one’s brand, online service, and managing/protecting a company’s online reputation. Total project duration is 8 weeks, followed by a maintenance phase.

Advanced Data Analysis Included in the PPC, SEO and SMO packages above we offer advanced analytics reporting, on a weekly (PPC) or monthly (SEO/SMO) basis. The reports will show detailed multidimensional stats analysis, data trends, as well as recommendations for further website ROI improvement.