SMO-Social Media Optimization

The Importance of Social Media The explosion of Social Media sites over the past few years has created new opportunities for connecting to customers. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, manage your online reputation, or provide a place for your clients and potential customers to interface with you and each other, Social Media Sites are your best option. Social Media acts as a springboard to your website, garnering you more traffic as your social network increases in size.  As part of a total Internet Marketing package Social Media is not an option, it is essential. Compass IT Solution’s expat SMO professionals can increase your companies exposure, ensure a positive reputation, and increase traffic to your website, in turn helping you to grow your customer base.

Social Media Sites

Facebook , Twitter, Google +, Linked In, blogs, and forums create personal connections that a website alone cannot. Our Social Media experts work directly with you to disseminate current information about your company and services through consistent Facebook updates and Twitter Tweets. We employ strategies to increase your Fan Base on Facebook , Followers on Twittter, and expand your circles on Google +. Facebook, Google +, and Twitter pages are monitored daily so feedback can be given to customers and complaints/negative comments can be answered and dealt with. We build your network of business-to-business contacts on Linked In opening up the possibility of referrals and other valuable connections.  Blogs and forums give you and your customers additional outlets for directed feedback and communication while creating valuable links for your site. Our

Social Media Resume

Compass IT Solutions’ experts have developed Social Media strategies for a very diverse client base. We have worked with product-based websites, service businesses, and sites that focus on entertainment. Tailoring campaigns to best fit your business needs is our specialty.


Prices for Social Media depend on the number of media sites addressed and the number of updates/Tweets per day/month. Minimum Charge for set up is 25k baht and 10k baht per month maintenance with a three-month minimum.