Simply put, cloud computing is the use of a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, process, and manage data as opposed to storing in house.

Advances in cloud services over the past 5 years means cloud based computing has gone way beyond storage and email and companies now have the ability to cut cap-ex costs, increase reliability and security, scale as needed, utilize a “pay as you go” model, develop apps to facilitate workflow, automate through robotic process automation and machine learning, and capture and process data using AI.

Compass IT Solutions offers consultation, design, implementation, and operation/management to our clients.

The Path from On-Premise to the Cloud – Let Compass IT Solutions be your Guide

Compass IT Solutions has years of experience migrating companies from on-premise servers to the cloud. Companies are often hesitant due to worries about interruptions in workflow, security concerns, cost, and need to train staff in new technologies. Compass consultants and engineers can help plan and implement a strategy that is least disruptive and brings the most benefits both in productivity and cap-ex savings.

Cloud-based solutions cover a wide range of technologies and functions and even small businesses can benefit.

Moving email to the cloud based is often an easy first step. Microsoft Office 365 offers an excellent solution that is not only cost effective but also simple and easy to use.  With most offices using MS Exchange for their email client, switching to 365 is a breeze as the interface is Exchange.  Office 365 offers many different plans, some of which are email only and some, which offer the full Office suite. Contact us for a free consultation and see which is best for your business.

After a successful email migration to the cloud, companies often look at cloud based storage and backup solutions as a next step. Storing your date in the cloud offers not only the advantage of redundancy, but in addition a level of security that is often hard to duplicate on premise. Data is easily accessible at the office and on the go and employees and local IT need not worry about power cuts, server failure, or disk failure.  Since you are billed by use, plans are usually elastic allowing you the flexibility to grow and contract. In addition to storage many companies look at utilizing the cloud as one of their backup solutions, again due to ease of access, redundancy, and security, Additionally, cloud based storage frees you from large cap-ex investments in expensive server and storage equipment. Compass IT Solutions partners with some of the biggest names in the business including AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft and our consultants can find a plan that is right for your sized business.

Data is gold. How you collect it and use it could determine whether your business stays ahead of the competition.  Utilizing the compute functions of the cloud allows you tremendous flexibility and saves cost. Since you are only billed for what you use, you can scale up and scale down as your business activity rises and falls, even within a period as short as a day. For retailers, the savings can be big.

If your business is data entry intensive it might benefit from Robotic Process Automation, which is a smart technology that enables machines to do data entry and conversion for you, freeing up employees for other tasks more brain intensive tasks. RPA bots are very inexpensive and can save you cost as they work 24 hours a day.

In addition using the customer and sales data you collect to develop predictive models and strategies gives you a clear direction of where you need to be headed.  AI modules added to analyze data collected by RPA bots could give you the advantage you need.

As with any cloud technology you can start small, by automating one process.

Compass IT Solution’s consultants can analyze your workflow and determine where RPA and AI would benefit you. We are experts at streamlining a company’s workflow. Call us for a free initial meeting and get your data working for you.

We specialize in the following cloud services

  • Cloud Software Solutions – From email to AI and machine learning. We can guide you
  • Cloud Storage and Backup – Our storage and backup solutions facilitate ease of access, prevent data loss, and aid in disaster recovery
  • Cloud Security – Compass IT Solutions uses cloud-based programs to secure your data and your network.

Our consultants can advise your company on appropriate cloud strategies and design a path that fits within your budget and timeline and our engineers will ensure that migration and integration do not disrupt your workflow.

Our team will continue to manage the network and our consultants will offer new strategies to keep your business moving forward.

Contact Compass IT Solutions can meet with one of our consultants to see what cloud can do for you.

Let Compass IT Solutions be your Guide

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