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Following the lead of the EU, Thailand has enacted the PDPA, or Personal Data Protection Act. After a delay of one year due to Covid-19, the law will go into effect in June of 2021.

Based on the EU’s law, companies in Thailand that collect, process, distribute, transmit or transform personal data are now subject to certain regulations governed by the PDPA.

All companies handling personal data are required to be in compliance, even if you are just collecting emails for mailing lists. And if there is a data breach and you are found to be out of compliance the penalties can be harsh.

Compass IT Solutions’ team can provide consultations and audits, ensuring your hardware and software, are safe as possible potential data breaches and we will work with you to develop data privacy policies that conform to the new data privacy regulations.

In addition, we work with some of the best lawyers and consultants in Bangkok who can provide counsel if needed.

Contact Compass IT Solutions and we will make sure your data is secure and you are compliant with the law.

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