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We enhance businesses processes with Cloud Storage solutions and services.

After a successful email migration to the cloud, companies often look at cloud based storage and backup solutions as a next step. Storing your date in the cloud offers not only the advantage of redundancy, but in addition a level of security that is often hard to duplicate on premise. Data is easily accessible at the office and on the go and employees and local IT need not worry about power cuts, server failure, or disk failure.  Since you are billed by use, plans are usually elastic allowing you the flexibility to grow and contract. In addition to storage many companies look at utilizing the cloud as one of their backup solutions, again due to ease of access, redundancy, and security,

Storing your data and backups in the cloud also ease the burden of disaster recovery as the data is easily accessible and you have the peace of mind knowing the cloud provider has redundancy.

Additionally, cloud based storage frees you from large cap-ex investments in expensive server and storage equipment and storage space is scalable, so you only pay for what you use. Compass IT Solutions partners with some of the biggest names in the business including AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, and our consultants can find a plan that is right for your sized business.

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