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Getting started with cloud computing is a far easier and less stressful step than most businesses realize. One of the easiest entries into cloud is migrating to cloud based software. Compass IT Solutions’ team of cloud consultants can analyze your business process and suggest cloud based software solutions that increase not only productivity but also access and security.

A good first step into the cloud software is with a cloud based email solution

Microsoft Office 365 offers an excellent solution that is not only cost effective but also simple and easy to use.  With most offices using MS Exchange for their email client, switching to 365 is a breeze as the interface is Exchange.  Office 365 offers many different plans, some of which are email-only and some, which offer the full Office suite.

For larger offices with more complex process and needs IT process automation using an RPA (robotic process automation) combined with machine learning and AI can increase efficiency to much higher levels.

Moving ahead with Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and AI

Data is gold. How you collect and use it could determine whether your business stays ahead of the competition.  Utilizing the computing functions of the cloud allows you tremendous flexibility and saves costs. Since you are only billed for what you use, you can scale up and scale down as your business activity rises and falls, even within a period as short as a day. For retailers, the savings can be big.

If your business is data entry intensive it might benefit from Robotic Process Automation, which is a smart technology that enables machines to do data entry and conversion for you, freeing up employees for other tasks more brain-intensive tasks. RPA bots are very inexpensive and can save you cost as they work 24 hours a day

In addition, using the customer and sales data you collect to develop predictive models and strategies gives you a clear direction of where you need to be headed.  AI modules added to analyze data collected by RPA bots and IoT devices could give you the advantage you need.

As with any cloud technology you can start small, by automating one process.

Compass IT Solution’s consultants can analyze your workflow and determine where RPA and AI would benefit you. We are experts at streamlining a company’s workflow. Call us for a free initial meeting and get your data working for you.

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