Cloud-based solutions are the buzz in IT and have been for the past few years. Are you still hesitant to move your data to the cloud?

Here are some points that might convince you it’s time

  1. Cost Savings – Instead of huge capital expenditures every few years to buy new or upgrade existing software, cloud-based software is subscription based.
  2. Flexibility – With cloud-based software it is easy to upsize or downsize giving you the ability to minimize your software expenditures and pay only for what you need.
  3. Security – Having data on a multitude of servers, laptops, and other devices presents a serious security risk. Most intrusions occur due to user error. Cloud-based software and storage companies employ teams of experts to safeguard your data. One less worry for you.
  4. File/Document Controls – Sharing and securing are much easier when you go cloud-based. It also facilitates ease of collaboration.
  5. Work from Anywhere – Most cloud companies have servers all over the world allowing you easy access to your documents and files.
  6. Disaster Recovery – Backing up to the cloud makes recovering data a far less painful process.
  7. Automatic Software Updates– With cloud-based solutions you are assured of always having the most up-to-date version of the software.

Convinced? Compass IT Solutions offers a wide range of cloud-based solutions covering backup, storage, productivity software, and security to name a few.

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