A common misconception is that a company needs to be a certain size in order to benefit from outsourcing. Although IT concerns vary at companies of different sizes, Compass IT’s flexible approach can serve the needs and budgets of the small, medium, and large/enterprise-sized companies in Thailand.
Small companies can benefit by not having the cost and responsibility of a full-time employee when only a few hours of support a month are needed. Support contracts for half day per month, one full day a month, or one day a week are less than having a full-time IT engineer on staff. We can also include remote support and help desk calls in case of emergencies.
Medium-sized companies can enjoy some of the same benefits as small companies even if their needs are greater. Having an outsourcing company take care of your network allows your staff to focus on your core business. We can work together with you to plan your IT strategy and budget, and help your IT system really work to increase productivity.
Large and enterprise-level companies often have their own IT employees or departments at corporate HQ, but might not have staff at their office in Thailand. Compass is very experienced in working with companies that choose to outsource their IT support to local companies in the countries they choose to operate. We work in many verticals using this model, including NGOs, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Gov Organizations.
Whatever your company’s size may be, outsourcing with Compass IT can be a great fit.
Contact us and we will meet with you at your office for a free consultation and suggest some outsourcing solutions for you.