Upgrading software suites is a very expensive proposition. Capital outlay, especially for a small and medium-sized business can often be too much for one fiscal year leading to companies running dated software that is no longer supported which can allow vulnerabilities and decreased productivity. Keeping software up to date is vital in order to protect your network from the latest threats and give your staff access to the latest features saving them time and in turn making you more profitable.

Software companies have responded to the need for a more cost-effective pricing model by offering subscription packages with monthly or yearly billing cycles. Almost 80% of software will be subscription based. Subscription models include the latest software and receive updates faster than traditional releases. Subscription software usually comes with cloud services attached allowing more flexibility for your staff.

Perhaps one of the best features of a subscription-based model is alleviating large capital outlays when it is time to upgrade. Charges are made monthly or yearly, so it is easier for budgeting and less of a burden than traditional models. In addition, most providers allow you to pay for only what you use, so paying for licenses you don’t use will be a thing of the past.

Some of the biggest companies in the industry offer a subscription model including Microsoft and Adobe. Microsoft Office 365 is probably one the best subscription-based software on the market. We have moved many of our customers to 365 over the past few years and they are very happy with the service. Contact us to see what subscription-based software might offer your business.