Protecting your network requires advanced planning. Being proactive as opposed to reactive can save you time, and money, as it will decrease your level of exposure. Advanced knowledge about what threats can be expected in the coming year can assist in developing your security plan.

Continuing Threats from Ransomware

Encrypted files that take over a computer or your network are becoming an ever-increasing risk. However, most ransomware infections still start with users clicking on an infected file.

What can you do?

  • Create an incident plan so protocol for dealing with infections is established.
  • Make sure you have multiple backups in secure locations
  • Use a cutting-edge anti-virus
  • Restrict internet usage
  • Conduct regular staff training

Other Threats Expected to Increase

  • Phishing- Over 75% of all businesses have been targets of phishing attacks. Train your staff to recognize suspicious emails and to report them to their supervisor or the IT department.
  • Password Theft – It is imperative to have your employees update their passwords on a regular basis.
  • Software – Using software that is not up to date or is pirated increases your vulnerability to hackers. Ensuring your software is up to date is critical in securing your network. Subscription-based software such as Microsoft Office 365 is a great solution.

Keeping Safe

Compass IT Solutions has several suggestions for you.

  • Review your BYOD Policy – If security is the main priority, then we suggest you only allow company devices to access your network.
  • Increase detection capabilities – Investigate cloud-based remote monitoring software. Compass offers several that will keep the guard up 24/7/365.
  • Protect your network with a good firewall
  • Provide ongoing staff IT security training
  • Develop a set of permissions that will protect and deter

Securing a network is an ongoing process. Compass IT Solutions has years of experience helping companies with Network Security. We partner with some of the biggest names in the industry. Contact us for a consultation. As the old saying goes, “A gram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure.”